Wedding photography FAQs

These are some of the more frequent questions which I get asked by people looking into their wedding photography needs and my answers to those questions.

As a couple we think we’ll be really awkward abd gawky in front of the camera, is that going to be ok?

You are not alone! Funnily enough, I personally dislike having my photo taken. ( this is probably why I’m behind the lens but as a fellow flee-er of cameras, I will let you in on a little secret….)

On your wedding day you will be so happy and so in love you won’t even notice me (nor my offensive camera) for the majority of the day.

Additionally, if you can we will have already worked together and created some gorgeous images of you both at your fabulously fun engagement session. This means that when it comes to the big day you will have a new friend take your photos rather than a scary Welsh stranger!

Can you guarantee specific photos?

Now this is a tricky one. I so, so badly want to say YES to this question. Yes I can do everything BUT there are occasions when this cannot happen and some moments will get missed. This is life afterall. I will give you an example. Once whilst photographing the cutting of the cake, the Groom’s Nanna stepped directly in front of my me. I moved to the side. She moved to the side. I moved to the other side. She moved to the other side. (I tell you what in sports shed be great in a defensive line up) It was like she had made it her mission to keep me blocked so I couldn’t capture a single shot. In thos scenario think of my options- do you want me to elbow your Nanna out of my way to get the shot? Then we all just have to live with the fact that sometimes we just can’t get every photo. Even if it does keep me awake at nights….

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

Simple answer is-  if it rains, it rains :-)

I am game for photos in all weather and I will boldly follow you out into the downpour if that is where you want to go. Obviously as an alternative we will just photograph you indoors which will be just as fabulous.

How many images do we get from our day?

I don’t like to put a limit on the images I take. I will photograph everything that catches my eye. Afterall, I’m there to shoot your wedding so will take as many beautiful images I can. Having said this, generally I will produce a minimum of 200 photos for a full day’s shooting, all will be fully edited in the fairy fashion.

Can we print our photos?

Of course you can! They are yours :-)

Are you insured?

Yep, yep and yep! I and all my equipment are fully insured! This is probably a good thing as I have been known to get a waiter to fetch a ladder to stand on top of a bar – the extremes we go to to get the perfect shot :-)

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