Tuesday Tidbits – Venue Inspiration

OMG! I have had such an exciting few days. I know I promised a lot more inspiration in my posts but I have been very sidetracked……. Take a look at the photo below and guess why….


I shall introduce you soon to the creature responsible for cluttering my house with this much stuff. He hasn’t invaded yet…….. nervous!


I have been looking at some inspiration for you. How about we venture into the world of venues?

I think that choosing the venue for me would be the hardest decision  I am would face as a  bride. As I feel the venue choice can determine the entire theme and feel of your day.

Obviously if you are a traditional couple then there are an abundance of beautiful churches and manor houses in this fabulous country of ours for you to pick from.

On the other hand, if like me, you tend to tread a different path then the world is your oyster. Think outside the box and have FUN! Having fun is the key. Look for a venue that you love as a couple and a venue that reflects you both. If you are an artist why not choose your favourite gallery?

Take a gander at what I’ve found

This one is for my sister. Sir John Soane’s Museum is her favourite museum in London can be hired for receptions. If you haven’t been visit! It is a treasure troth of fascinating things. (They will hate me for telling you this but in the room with the Hogarth prints as the attendant to open the walls. You will not be disappointed.

A cave more up your street? Why not take a gander? I would love to photogrraph in a venue like this. What a cchallenge?

Have a gothic extravaganza in the UK’s #1 scare attraction.

I’m keeping it local here and looking at Victoria Baths Manchester. It’s a beautiful building and you’d get married in the empty pool.

There are plenty more options to choose from. Treehouses, Museums, fields …… just open your eyes

If you are getting/were married in an unusual venue please let me know where it was as I love finding new places.


Well I am signing off. Goodnight lovelies!


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