Tuesday Tidbits – festive feelings!


Grimlock and I have just returned from his first proper walk! I know I have turned into a crazy dog lady but this is so exciting as before now he has been so frightened on his lead that he has needed coaxing every three feet but NOT today. Today he strutted his little puggy stuff all over our housng estate. Go Grim Grim!

Manchester is beginning to feel very festive. The lights are on. The nights are dark. The air is freezing. This can only mean one thing. CHRISTMAS MARKETS!!!!!!

I know it’s early but I am already ridiculously excited about Christmas as I am every year and will continue to be every year. Needless to say present buying has commenced.

The count down until my first mulled drink of the market season has began (5 sleeps in case you were wondering AND yes I count in sleeps)

If you have never visited the Manchester markets then you should. They really are delightful. I promise they will leave you feeling festive.

I already have my Christmas present (Mr Grimlock is our joint present to each other) so my pleasure this year is coming from all the build up. With my  wedding season over I am concentrated on getting festive and planning the next year.

OK there it is. I have blurted out my CRAZY Christmas excitement on the tinterweb for all to see.

My name is Claire and I am a Christmas addict.


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