Tuesday Tidbits – Birthday parties, Inspiring films and Wedding inspiration

Hello lovely people!

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. A computer upgrade has taken longer than expected.

Recently I was very lucky to have been a guest at a very special birthday party. Being me I took my camera and I am so pleased that I did because I captured some lovely moments.

Claire Legg Photography party food preparation Claire Legg Photography fiftieth birthday Claire Legg Photography cinema view Claire Legg Photography greetings

Claire Legg Photography First Dance


Talking of lovely moments, if you haven’t seen this then spend a few minutes of your life doing so and I’ll guarantee that you will gain a smile.

Filmaker asks 20 strangers to kiss for the first time.

Because I want that smile of yours to continue –

Spring has finally sprung and these DIY flowery tutorials brought a smile to my face this week so I’m sharing them with you

In wedding related news

This is one for my sis – A Doctor Who themed wedding.

As a self-confessed foodie this blog from RocknRollBride was a great read for me so give it a gander if you are planning your special day.

I know that food and drink would top my ‘To Do’ list (Yep you read that correctly it would feature way above my dress)

So reading that piece got me thinking about what I like and I remembered this wedding which was featured on the fabulous RocknRoll Bride a while ago.

Amazingly intimate middle of the ocean wedding.

on the subject of what I love.

Check out these shoe beauties.

If I ever walk down the aisle these are going to be adorning my feet.
OMG I just found a new blog

When Geeks Wed

now even Neddy Bear may be interested in my wedding blog reading addiction.

Then I saw


was featured and I think that he’ll definitely support me in adding this blog to my reading list. I dont know whether I mentioned this but my Neddy Bear is part of the fabulously creative team who make the lego computer games.

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