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  • It's Halloween dress up time!

  • Hey lovely people! I am so sorry I have been missing for a while but my little Grimlock Jazz Fitzgerald and work at the studio have been keeping me very busy. The pup is going through a little bitey stage which means lots of owy fingers for me. He'll grow out of it I'm sure! He is such a cutey. [...]
  • Farewell Friday

  • Don't panic! This is only a short farewell as I am off on my holidays tomorrow! Well I tell you what, these last few days have been hard work! The studio I work for has been full to capacity (even over capacity) for the last three days. In fact as I am writing this post I am up-loaded my final be[...]
  • Snuggly Sunday reflections, inspiration and plans

  • Hi guys! This has been a very busy week with the launch of my new website, facebook page, twitter and instagram accounts. So today has been booked in my diary as 'Snuggly Sunday' for quite some time and I'll tell you what it has been FABULOUS! It has been a day of overindulgence. My gorgeou[...]