Snuggly Sunday reflections, inspiration and plans

Hi guys!

This has been a very busy week with the launch of my new website, facebook page, twitter and instagram accounts.

So today has been booked in my diary as ‘Snuggly Sunday’ for quite some time and I’ll tell you what it has been FABULOUS!

It has been a day of overindulgence. My gorgeous boyfriend Ned kick-started our day of decadence by bringing me breakfast in bed (I know, keeper right?). This consisted of two spectacularly large Cumberland sausage and poached egg bagels and the biggest mug of tea you have ever witnessed = NOM NOM YUMMY. After this culinary delight I begrudgingly dragged my pyjama clad bottom out of bed and downstairs only to ingratiate myself on the sofa to watch a marathon of  stand up comedians on dvd.  Now I have a confession to make I am an absolute cuddle fiend so my poor boyfriend had no choice but to be prey to an attack of cuddles until it all got too much and we decided we should do something useful.

So I am happy to say that after living here for two months I have finally started to hang pictures and objects from my vast collection. I love surrounding myself with artwork as it keeps me inspired and pushes me to do my very best.  I hope my work hangs on peoples wall to inspire them and brighten their days!

Inspirational artwork

Inspirational artwork


Also I have VERY exciting news……. since the launch of my site two beautiful couples have asked me to document their fabulous days. I am so excited and so very honoured. (I’ll let you in on a little secret they both have amazing venues and I cannot wait to share them with you but I have to as they are not until next summer. Definitely days to look forward too)

So time for some inspiration!

Alternative Venue Inspiration courtesy of Boho Weddings. I would love to shoot these.
Love these alternatives to flowers.
Helpful advice to succeed in your relationship.
Love these typography inspired details for the big day. If you love graphics you’ll love these!
Need some help choosing a first song? Check out these 99 real first dance songs

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