Snuggle Sunday – Puggy puppy snuggles with Mr Grimlock Jazz Fitzgerald

Ooooh what a busy week I’ve had!

On Sunday and Monday I spent a fabulous two days at the Be.Photography workshop to kick my butt into business gear and I’ll tell you what, it has lit a flame.

Tomorrow, I shall be sharing some photos from the beautiful styled shoots we were very lucky to shoot on Sunday in the beautiful setting of East Riddlesden Hall which is in that there Yorkshire. It was an amazing experience which I have been itching to share with you guys all week. Unfortunately due to puppy and work commitments I haven’t had any time to do this. Tomorrow is the day though so keep your eyes peeled.

If  you have liked my facebook page then you will have met this lil’guy but if not (why not? Hehe) but this is the reason I have been quiet this week. He is beautiful and boisterous and everything a puppy should be. This is my pug (I still can’t quite believe this). His full name is Mr Grimlock Jazz Fitzgerald and he is now 9 weeks old. Is he a heart melter or what?!?


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