Rome Diaries. Lots of photographs to document our days.

Hello lovelies!

As promised I am posting my diary about my trip to the amazing city of Rome, Italy.


So Neddy bear and I had to wake up ridiculously early on this morning to get to the airport. I don’t know about you but this is the only occasion I am ever happy to wake up prior to 5am in the morning. We got to the airport fine and we even made it through security without being stopped (this has NEVER happened to me). We got on a plane in Britain and got off a plane in Italy. It never fails to amaze me that this happens with so much ease. Ned survived in my overly excitable company in a confined space.

We arrived in Rome to a very blue sky.  Everything was new to me so I was on sensory overload. I love it when you first arrive.

So we arrived about lunch time and strolled from the Termini to our hotel Residenza Roma (situated ten minutes from the Vatican) which meant that we got to see a lot of the city. After a quick refresh we were out exploring.


This afternoon we went into many beautiful churches, the Trevi Fountain and to the Pantheon. Then the bit I was most excited about arrived – DINNER TIME at Plaza Navona. (After note –  Every meal we had in Rome was a dream. Pasta, pizza, garlic, red wine……..oh I can bearly control my saliva glands just thinking about the meals we ate)



Today we tackled the Collosseum and Palatine Hill. This was the one site in Rome that Ned wanted to see. Before leaving he had strict instructions not to challenge anyone to a duel or behave like a gladitor and I am very pleased to say that these were adhered to (for the most part ;-P).


Before leaving Britain a good friend of mine told me that the best thing I could do was join a tour for these historic sites as they put the ruins into context and make it come to life. I am very pleased that we took this advice. I am no history buff and all the knowledge I have of the Colosseum was acquired through watching a certain blockbuster movie a few years ago. If we didn’t join a tour, I confess that in my ignorance I would not have known anything about Palatine Hill. This is where it was definitely worth the cost as our guide painted a glorious depiction of a palace from the ruins. Wow! Those Romans knew how to show off. Marble and gold as far as the eye could see.


 Highlight of this evening – Bubbles in our hotel room :D and a big bag of crisps :D. Life’s simple pleasures are where it’s at.



Today we spent a leisurely day at the Borghese Museum and its surrounding Parc.

If you visit Rome you have to visit the Borghese Museum. To do this you must book ahead – DO IT! Just to bask in the glory of Bernini’s sculpture ‘The Rape of Persephone’. The way this incredible artist sculpts textures is breathtaking.

There is nowhere better on a sunny afternoon than a park in Italy. Saxophonist providing music, gelatos being eaten on the grass and strolling hand in hand with a loved one. I made Neddy bear take part in some silhouette photo fun.

love-heart-silhouette my-lens-changer us-holding-hands interesting-roof-detailned-smiling view-of-Rome-from-Borghese-park


Market & Zoo day!  I have a confession – I visit a zoo in every country I visit. So when we stumbled upon the Zoo in the park on yesterday it was put on the agenda for today after visiting Campo de’ Fiori to sample the delights of the market.

porcini-mushrooms water-break bark all-smiles-selfie meercat Aww-a-kiss-from-Neddy-bear


Vatican day:). Due to it being World Tourism Day it meant that we got to enjoy the fabulous Vatican museum for free. I also pre-booked our ticket reservations so we walked straight in :), picked up a pair of audioguide headsets and off we went to see the treasures of the Vatican stash. Highlights of the tour for me – The Raphael Rooms were beautiful but everything was trounced by the glory of the Sistine Chapel. Walking into this space I almost became overwhelmed. It truly is something to behold.

Then we trundled round the wall to St.Peters. What a collossal space that is. I am not religious but it definitely has a sense of power.

st-peters-horse-carriage File0831 st-peters-rome-at-night vatican-police File0676 File0901


Another early start for a day of travelling. So not much to report apart from our safe arrival home in Manchester.


Two songs dominated our holiday. They were provided by an Italian music station on the TV in our hotel room.

But I absolutely fell in love with the video to this song. watch it and fall in love yourself.

So in conclusion

We ate a lot

We drank some wine of the red variety

We walked and walked and walked

We saw many beautiful & wonderful things

We visited a zoo

and the one thing we did not do – bicker (not that we bicker normally but this was the first time we had spent so much time in each others comapny) Although I did get told off on holiday for sharing my Neddy bear nickname with you guys (Don’t worry though because it’s out there now and he doesn’t mind. Not really)






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