It’s Halloween dress up time!

Hey lovely people!

I am so sorry I have been missing for a while but my little Grimlock Jazz Fitzgerald and work at the studio have been keeping me very busy. The pup is going through a little bitey stage which means lots of owy fingers for me. He’ll grow out of it I’m sure! He is such a cutey.

He is very excited as his Auntie Catherine is coming to see him for the first time this weekend. Now she doesn’t generally like pugs so we’ll have to wait and see what her judgement is.

Last night was date night and like the big children we are my boyfriend and I went to the cinema to see Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. If you haven’t seen either of these films you definitely should. The foodimal puns are amazing!

ALSO it’s HALLOWEEN this week – I love this holiday. Firstly,  I’ll get to go to a huge party and dress up (who doesn’t love a good night as a different person?) and secondly because after Halloween it’s only a short stint of time before my favourite holiday of the year…. CHRISTMAS! I am already getting secretly excited (don’t tell Neddy Bear as he hates the fact that the shops are already dominated by Christmas paraphernalia.

This years Halloween costume is inspired by my nickname. There are wings, glitter, sparkles and excitement. I don’t know whether I have shared this with you but I also work as a make-up artist so if all goes to plan I shall share my creation with you next week. Here is last years look. Inspired by a porcelain doll.


And here is Ned as the obscure Black Mask villain from Batman.


So hopefully there shall be some photographic evidence of this years looks next week.

If you want to see some inspiration for this years look head over to my pinterest page and take a look at my Halloween inspo 2013 board.

Off to feed a puppy now!



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