Farewell Friday

Don’t panic! This is only a short farewell as I am off on my holidays tomorrow!

Well I tell you what, these last few days have been hard work! The studio I work for has been full to capacity (even over capacity) for the last three days. In fact as I am writing this post I am up-loaded my final beautiful client :)

It is raining here in Manchester now (what a surprise eh?) so I am just going to hop in a taxi home to spend the night with my Neddy bear (my boyf is called Ned and I like cuddles – seems an obvious nickname don’t ya think? He’s going to hate that I have shared this lil tidbit with the entire world ;P). I am so excited to possibly see a beach and sun next week. I am finding it hard to sit down and type!

Today I have mainly been listening to Passenger’s ‘Let her go’ – it is definitely my go to song of the moment

Also excitingly I have now bought frames for all my prints so the inspiration wall is going to get bigger as soon as I am back from my galavanting around Valencia.

One of my favourite prints is a copy of Sebastiao Salgado’s ‘Elephants in Kafue National Park, Zambia, 2010′. I picked this print up an at exhibition I visited not too long ago with my sister at the Natural History Museum in London. The show is still running so anyone who is in or near London so go! No excuses! Check out this link for more details


The pieces are awe-inspiring. He has such a talent – I can only aspire to one day have a fraction of that skill.

Well I am signing off now so have a fabulous week one and all!



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