• London Wedding Fabulousness! The New Mr&Mrs Skinner.

  • Hello Gorgeous people!!!!

    Firstly I profusely apologise for how long I have been absent – Bad Claire! But I have been very busy planning, photographing fabulous couples and papercutting (more about that in a future post but in case you’re a curious cat take a look at

    Fairy Made Paperart.

    (Yep you guessed it – that’s me!)
    So here’s one I shot earlier.

    Kathryn and Paul met in university and now, a few years on, they decided to tie the knot in a very fabulous affair held in that there London town. So I excitedly packed my bags and headed down South for a fun filled weekend of my sister (coincidentally a guest at the wedding), ‘THE’ wedding, champagne, pub quiz-ness and cocktails.

    Kathryn and Paul planned a beautifully intimate London affair. Beginning with Kathryn and her maid of honour getting ready in a suite at the

    Apex City of London Hotel

    with views of Tower Bridge. It was a very relaxed morning of sandwiches, champagne and yours truly stepping up to the plate and doing a bit of hair and make-up (Bet you didn’t know I was a make-up artist ;-P. Hair is a different matter though but I don’t think I did too badly). I always love the emotion of the morning especially the bride greeting her mum. Those little moments are priceless. I feel honoured to share these special times with you guys.

    From the hotel we hopped on a Wedding bus. Who doesn’t love a London route master? Alighting the bus at St Pancras train station for the ceremony.

    I know, I know! awesome venue. All I can say is that this place truly creates a stunning backdrop for your vows. It fills me with all the romanticism of a bygone era. Despite a brief hiatus in the middle of the ceremony for the arrival of a train the vows went swimmingly and soon Paul and Kathryn were Mr&Mrs.

    Now it was time to start their journey as husband and wife together (do you see what I did there?)   Another bus ride through central London brought the wedding party to the reception at

    The Samuel Pepys

    free house which is a hidden gem in the heart of the City with spectacular views across the Thames.

    I took the new Mr&Mrs Skinner to Millennium bridge for a little bit of Bridal photography before speeches were told, food was consumed, alcohol imbibed and a pub quiz commenced.

    So here are a few of my favourite images from this very special day. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

    Alternative Wedding photography in London

    Alternative London Wedding photography. St Pancras weddingCreative Wedding Photography London

    Vendor information

    Hotel for bridal preparation – The Apex City of London Hotel – http://www.apexhotels.co.uk/en/hotels/london/apex-city-of-london-hotel/?gclid=CJrWjfXnqcECFYEfwwod3p4AXA

    Ceremony venue – St Pancras international – http://stpancras.com/

    Reception venue – the Samual Pepys – http://www.thesamuelpepys.co.uk/

    Transport bus – Ensign buses – http://www.ensignbushire.com/

    Flowers – The Cut Flowers – 35 The Cut, Waterloo, SE1 8LF, 020 7633 9992

    Stationery – Goldfinch Design – www.goldfinchdesign.co.uk


  • Let's have a good old catch up!

  • Hi lovely people!

    Things have been busy here at HQ. Combine that with a bad case of snuffles and there has been a decided lack of blogging on my part. So I’m sorry.

    Today I am recovering on my sofa from a whirlwind week. This week began with a fabulous one night stay in that good old London town with all the girls I work with at FYEO Portraits. We had a fabulous time catching up and eating before heading to an amazing PunchDrunk production.

    Check out this youtube trailer!

    And go here to find out all the details.

    What an amazing experience. Completely immersive. You couldn’t help but get engrossed in it. But boy oh boy, after walking the dog, travelling and the play-  my little feet were feeling the burn.

    The week ended with great friends, food and festiviities at an amazing Chinese New Year hosted at the home of a fantastic friend whose culinary expertise never fail to have me drooling.

    Due to other obligations this january things have been a little quiet for me on the photography front but that shall kick back into gear very soon. Exciting times ahead.

    So here’s some inspiration for you instead.

    99 real honeymoons. Cue Sunday musings of being whisked away.

    Thinking about your save the dates? Check out these cuties from the wonderful love my dress.




    Grimlocks customised cushion
    Oh and I just can’t resist from showing you Grimlock and his early Valentine’s gift for Neddy Bear (he just got far to overly puggy excited and gave it to him as soon as it arrived)


  • Photos of Grimlock's first Christmas & Happy New Year! 2014 is going to be great x

  • Hello lovely people.

    Happy 2014!

    I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long but it was a much needed break. So here is just a quick post with a lot of photographs documenting Grimlock’s first Christmas. Grimlock and I left his dad in Manchester and took our very first train ride together all the way to South Wales where I grew up and my parents still live. As per my festive travel traditions the train kicked us off early due to trouble on the tracks further up the valleys so we then had to experience our first bus ride together. All I can say is that Grimlock behaved beautifully, made lots of new friends and made me very proud.

    I did say that I was going to put my camera away but I couldn’t help myself. My lil pug buddy is growing up so fast I needed to capture his time in Wales. The other handsome chap you see in the photos is Grimlock’s uncle Alfie who is a characterful Bichon Frise.

    Our time in Wales was spent eating, drinking and generally feeling the merriment of the season. How about you guys? Whose got a tale to tell?

    A lot of my beautiful friends got engaged this Christmas so I am very excited for the next year :) Did you get engaged? If so, please share your story as I am a hopeless romantic and would love to hear the tale.

    Also get in touch with your tale and I shall give you a festive discount on my services. Let the merriment continue I say!

    Christmas with pug and Claire Legg photography




  • Tuesday Tidbits - festive feelings!

  • Whoop!

    Grimlock and I have just returned from his first proper walk! I know I have turned into a crazy dog lady but this is so exciting as before now he has been so frightened on his lead that he has needed coaxing every three feet but NOT today. Today he strutted his little puggy stuff all over our housng estate. Go Grim Grim!

    Manchester is beginning to feel very festive. The lights are on. The nights are dark. The air is freezing. This can only mean one thing. CHRISTMAS MARKETS!!!!!!

    I know it’s early but I am already ridiculously excited about Christmas as I am every year and will continue to be every year. Needless to say present buying has commenced.

    The count down until my first mulled drink of the market season has began (5 sleeps in case you were wondering AND yes I count in sleeps)

    If you have never visited the Manchester markets then you should. They really are delightful. I promise they will leave you feeling festive.

    I already have my Christmas present (Mr Grimlock is our joint present to each other) so my pleasure this year is coming from all the build up. With my  wedding season over I am concentrated on getting festive and planning the next year.

    OK there it is. I have blurted out my CRAZY Christmas excitement on the tinterweb for all to see.

    My name is Claire and I am a Christmas addict.


  • Tuesday Tidbits - Halloween recap, crafty doings and new shoes!

  • Hello beautiful people,

    So if you follow me on facebook then you will have seen my crazy Halloween make-up. Friday nights journey was one of the most awkward train journeys i have ever experienced. I was the only one dressed up in the entire train and I was DRESSED UP! Oh well it was worth it. A fabulous party was held by TT Fusion in the great setting of Wilmslow Rugby Club.

    There were many fabulous costumes, dancing and laughs.

    Here are some photos but I apologise for the quality. As my last wedding of the season has been shot my cameras have been sent away for some tlc so all the photos are from my fabulous friends.

    Here is my attempt at transforming myself into an ice fairy. To accomplish this look there was pritt stick, clown white, liquid eyeliner, eyeshadows of varying shades, glitter and gems… I love me some sparkle.

    ice-fairy-makeup made-up-on-the-train 20131102_015042

    Here is my boy battling a zombie. For all of those who are not comic book geeks, Ned went as Rorschach from the Watchmen. What you cannot see in the photo is that the dark splodges on the mask move with heat so when he spoke it looked sensationally creepy and dramatic.

     rorschack-against-a-zombie (1)

    Two other appearances that are definitely worth a mention in this post are the fantastic Luke as Miley Cyrus  and  Stu as Iron Man turning up in the War Machine.



    Apart from that the wedding season has quietened down so I am following a few other crafty paths in my spare time (what little there is). For those of you who do not know this,  I love jewellery (I’m a bit of a magpie at heart) and this love has turned into me trying to create a colection of my very own. So I am in the process of opening a shop on Etsy

    I am so looking forward to becoming one of their fabulous community of makers. If you have not heard of etsy you need to go take a look. I’ve decided to call my shop Fairy’s Tinkerporium because I’m a fairy and the jewellery is the product of my tinkerings. In the meantime my work can be seen on my facebook page HERE

    So today is going to progress as a crafting day in the Fairy household. Neddy Bear be warned as there shall be mess!

    In the meantime a fantastic friend of mine has just had a beautiful baby boy so I have been busy making them a present. I cannot wait to see the gorgeous bundle so this is getting wrapped up in anticipation.

    What do you think?


    Oh and here are my new shoes! Winter is upon us so boots needed to be purchased. They are Jasper Conran for Debenhams. I love the metal detailing.


  • It's Halloween dress up time!

  • Hey lovely people!

    I am so sorry I have been missing for a while but my little Grimlock Jazz Fitzgerald and work at the studio have been keeping me very busy. The pup is going through a little bitey stage which means lots of owy fingers for me. He’ll grow out of it I’m sure! He is such a cutey.

    He is very excited as his Auntie Catherine is coming to see him for the first time this weekend. Now she doesn’t generally like pugs so we’ll have to wait and see what her judgement is.

    Last night was date night and like the big children we are my boyfriend and I went to the cinema to see Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. If you haven’t seen either of these films you definitely should. The foodimal puns are amazing!

    ALSO it’s HALLOWEEN this week – I love this holiday. Firstly,  I’ll get to go to a huge party and dress up (who doesn’t love a good night as a different person?) and secondly because after Halloween it’s only a short stint of time before my favourite holiday of the year…. CHRISTMAS! I am already getting secretly excited (don’t tell Neddy Bear as he hates the fact that the shops are already dominated by Christmas paraphernalia.

    This years Halloween costume is inspired by my nickname. There are wings, glitter, sparkles and excitement. I don’t know whether I have shared this with you but I also work as a make-up artist so if all goes to plan I shall share my creation with you next week. Here is last years look. Inspired by a porcelain doll.


    And here is Ned as the obscure Black Mask villain from Batman.


    So hopefully there shall be some photographic evidence of this years looks next week.

    If you want to see some inspiration for this years look head over to my pinterest page and take a look at my Halloween inspo 2013 board.

    Off to feed a puppy now!



  • Styled Wedding Photography Fashion Shoots

  • Hi Guys!

    So here is my round up of the fabulously Autumnal styled shoot from the ‘Kick Ass’ Be. Wedding Photography Workshop I attended last weekend.

    The course is run by two fantastically vibrant photographers Jaye of Tux&Tales and Shelly of Toast Photography. Both are incredibly talented and very capable of kicking the rest of rest of us in the derriere. It was a business bootcamp and I met and was inspired by some of the nicest people I have ever met. Who says you can’t be in the same industry and be friends?

    The two-day course took place in the beautiful setting of East Riddlesden Hall in Yorkshire. It’s a fabulous property owned by The National Trust and it would make a stunning wedding venue. So if you are a bride to be take a gander.

    Day One saw us being treated to shooting two very different Autumnal themed shoots. One focusing on light, natural & relaxed bridal portraits with real life married couple Emma &Al. For the other shoot we took a walk on the dark side photographing the beautiful Sarah in a very dimly lit barn.

    Here are the photos from the day and a list of all the fabulous suppliers we worked with in creating this gorgeous vision of Autumnal glory.

    Now to enter the Light


    Welcome to the Dark


    Contributers List

    Venue Decor – Simply Vintage – http://www.simplyvintageevents.co.uk/

    Flowers & Styling – Stems -http://www.stemsdesign.co.uk

    Dresses – Fable & Promise – http://www.fableandpromise.co.uk/

    Stationery – Satin & Tat – http://www.satinandtat.co.uk/

    Cake – Truly Scrumptious Cakes By Lynne – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Truly-Scrumptious-Cakes-by-Lynne/109622349120604?ref=stream

    Venue – East Riddlesden Hall – http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/east-riddlesden-hall/

  • Snuggle Sunday - Puggy puppy snuggles with Mr Grimlock Jazz Fitzgerald

  • Ooooh what a busy week I’ve had!

    On Sunday and Monday I spent a fabulous two days at the Be.Photography workshop to kick my butt into business gear and I’ll tell you what, it has lit a flame.

    Tomorrow, I shall be sharing some photos from the beautiful styled shoots we were very lucky to shoot on Sunday in the beautiful setting of East Riddlesden Hall which is in that there Yorkshire. It was an amazing experience which I have been itching to share with you guys all week. Unfortunately due to puppy and work commitments I haven’t had any time to do this. Tomorrow is the day though so keep your eyes peeled.

    If  you have liked my facebook page then you will have met this lil’guy but if not (why not? Hehe) but this is the reason I have been quiet this week. He is beautiful and boisterous and everything a puppy should be. This is my pug (I still can’t quite believe this). His full name is Mr Grimlock Jazz Fitzgerald and he is now 9 weeks old. Is he a heart melter or what?!?